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*THE* Florabama

We have been told that no trip to Gulf Shores is complete without a trip to *THE* FloraBama. Joint supreme right on the Alabama/Florida border. We did survive our trip last spring without visiting, although I hear that Vikki snuck over there, entered the bikini contest and won. Way to go, Vikki, our Queen of the FloraBama!

Friday morning at breakfast, I got fussed at by a couple of teenagers at heart [it was her 70th birthday that day] for not having gone yet, so we wandered down right around dusk thinking we might be able to grab a snack and hear the entertainers who seem to be well known and loved in the area.

Whoa Ho! It may be quiet everywhere else, but by 5-5:30, the FloraBama was rockin'! The rooms were packed like sardine cans and the band was on break. BooHoo! Ah well, we will return at another, quieter time [lunch perhaps?] but before we departed I grabbed proof that we were there so no one could fuss at me for missing this landmark.

And no fussing about my not cleaning up the backgrounds on these snaps...the tacky clutter is part of the charm of the FloraBama, so it remains.

Is he having fun?
Tony @ FloraBama 1
Wants to prove we were there..
Tony @ FloraBama 2
Whoops! He just thought what his friends might say seeing him here ...haha!
Tony @ FloraBama 3

Seems we just weren't much in the wild party mood. Man, were we acting like old folk or what? Headed down to a nice quiet spot overlooking the harbor for dinner. What party poopers we are these days. Oh No & Grin!

If you'd like to see the FloraBama's website, here is a link. Yes, it's bizarre and tacky and crazy. If it were polished and professional looking, it wouldn't match the place at all. It's absolutely purrrfect just the way it is. It fits!